Small Business Domain Names Selection Tips
Author: Amnon Levav

Domain selection tips

Register Your Domain - Register your domain before registring your business name. This way you ensure that the domain is free and unique. (for details, look at my other article on [url=][url].

Search Engine Friendly - Make your domain search-engine friendly. Search engines are an important source of highly motivated, ready to buy traffic for your site.

Keywords Z - Carefully include high traffic words within you domain to greatly enhance your search engine
visibility for those words. Use wordtracker to find the best words (a free trial is available here).

Search Words - The domain should contain several search words. Separate those words with dashes (not underlines).

Content - Once you have a domain name, focus on building content for your website. Why is this important? Content brings traffic.

Keep It Simple - Don't register too many domains - beyond the commercial hype, there is no shorage of search-engine friendly domain. If you are after building a business, it's too much trouble to manage many domain names. Your business image needs to be unique, and this image is not easily replaced. (If you use multiple domains, make sure that the content of each domain is unique. Search engines may view multiple domains which include the same content as spamming.) .

Choice Of Words - If you are a professional, consider words such as "how-to", "guide", or "consultant", "advisor" which expose your profession.

- Your domain should combine popular words with words which are specific to your specific business profession.

Naming - When people recommend your site, the domain name is always embedded inside the recommendation. This is another reason to choose popular search words within your domain name. This way:

1. Your target audience will know what your site is about even before pressing the link to your site.
2. Your link exchange efforts will have much more powerful effects. The search words are found inside your domain name, and hence they will always be contained within the incoming links which recommend your site. Hence, the search engines will give you much better ranking.