I have a problem but I'm going to make a long story short for now until I can attract the attention of others I hope to discuss this issue with.

There is a group that has been spoofing the METROmilwaukee.com domain name by using it in the page title of the metromilwaukee.org site. Do a search at any provider site using the term: metromilwaukee and the response comes right to the top and displays the metromilwaukee.com domain in the link which of course confuses and misdirects to the .org domain.

There's quite a bit of underhanded stuff going on here but before I drag us all through that mud puddle I wonder how others have best handled this?

Let's get something fundamental out of the way. There is no lawful way to make them stop unless I trademark metromilwaukee with the USPTO. Because of the geographic verbiage this is very difficult to achieve but not impossible. I am working on that.

In fact, for some time now, the .com domain has remained live but inactive with little more than a few static pages as I learn to develop a series of applications which I intend to release 'any day now' -- isn't that what we all say? :-)

They've spoofed the .com domain name in this regard for two different revisions of the .org site so I know it is not an 'honest mistake' -- furthermore -- this hijacking is done by a well known development firm in Milwaukee -- OnMilwaukee.com as a matter of fact -- operated by two guys who may be known to the SitePoint community namely Andy Tarnoff and Brennan Stehling who develop and host the .org in behalf of a weasel named Dean Amhaus.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?