Ok, think MySpace...
What would "Tom" use if he had to run MySpace on Rails?

We know that Webrick is small potatoes. Too small in fact, toss it back in the ocean.
We know that non-fastcgi is too slow - Apache or otherwise.
Obviously Apache is good but reports show that v2 is unstable with fastcgi - So what? Back to 1.3? Hmmm.
Lighttpd is fast, but does it scale? And how about support? (no Windows direct either, only Cygwin).

I'm no expert, but it doesn't take one to see the answer is not clear. Strange to me, since the answer is so important.

Again, can RubyonRails handle the real world (ie, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, MySpace) or will it be merely the small site's fun language??

(And while we're at it, has anyone hired a Rails host that has been fast and reliable, meaning unbroken uptime? ie. noticed plug for railsplayground.com on stoavio's "ruby resources" post above...)