Given the long, tiresome threads here about OO vs Procedural, lack of interesting new features, difficulty implementing frameworks cleanly in OO, PHP5 woes, BC breakage complaints, etc ... has the fun gone out of PHP?
Now call me crazy, but I think what you said just proves the opposite. People still take enough interest to even be bothered to have those discussions (also let's not forget to put things in perspective. PHP's current "state" is not reflected by a bunch of people who have to much time to spread FUD and other moronic statements and most likely aren't even allowed to work for a living!).

On a rather personal note, and please don't take offense, I honestly don't understand the intention of your post.

difficulty implementing frameworks cleanly in OO
Are you kidding me?

lack of interesting new features

I don't even know why I bother to respond to a thread like this...