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    Your Review: UBB

    2. Ultimate Bulletin Board ( - This
    software created the explosion of web-based BBSes. Now on version 6, it still has what it takes to make a good strong community site. UBB uses PERL for its engine and stores its data to a proprietary file format in flat files. This enables you to install the software on almost every server available. The only downside to UBB is the price as it can be quite costly for smaller sites. My Personal Rank is 4 out of 5 Stars.

    What is your view of UBB?
    Wayne Luke

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    I've been using UBB for the last couple of years, specifically for forums on official band sites that I admin for.

    The layout is popular, and the features (when they come out with new ones, such as private messaging etc) are welcomed by the users. But, unfortunately, the performance of UBB - at least in my experience - tends to leave a lot to be desired.

    The largest bandsite I run gets around 1mil page views a month, and so UBB does take quite a beating and at times just gives up the ghost, corrupting forum index files (which, although able to be rebuilt with the push of a button, is annoying if you're not aware of it for a few hours!).

    The 6.* series of UBB took some of my liking for it away (that, and my starting to use another script for other sites, and liking it much more), having quite liked the 5.* series. Hopefully, Infopop will address some of the speed concerns that come from operating a flatfile d'base system - or, my clients give in to my suggestions for an SQL-based board

    For me, UBB gets a 3 out of 5. It has a great community attached to it, and most users are familiar with its various features. But its habit of falling over causes it to lose some of its appeal.

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