One feature that makes these forums easy to use is the syntax highlighting capabilities of the [ php ] bbcode tag. I think it might help this forum to have a [ ruby ] bbcode tag to syntax highlight ruby code.

No I have never looked at vbulletin, but I hope there are others out there who are familiar with it. In my mind, I can see several steps:

a) vbulletin is a PHP app, so the highlighting code needs to run under PHP. Is anyone aware of a Ruby syntax highlighter coded in PHP?

b) vbulletin needs to become aware of this code, and to apply it for a [ ruby ] bbcode tag. I would hope this is some kind of a plugin, but I need to defer to people who have actually used vbulletin to answer

c) sitepoint needs to agree to implement such a solution (or does some such solution exist in the wild already?)

d) someone needs to code the plugin/patch and have it applied to sitepoint

Is this a reasonable goal? Is what I layed out the correct plan of action? Can anyone answer any of the points listed above?

Lastly, if we get resonable answers for a, b and c, does anyone want to volunteer to throw it together?