I have run into a problem that I haven't been struggling with for a while, and have no clue why it is and how to fix it. I have a background image that I wish to place in a cell of a table, and have it repeated across the width of the cell. The attribute below shows how I've done this:

background: URL('/images/prbox_border_t.gif') repeat-x;

I was under the impression that Netscape 4+ supports this attribute since I've been able to have it work on Netscape before, and for this reason I never checked it, and it is working fine on IE. To my surprise, I found that Netscape shows the background of the specific cell in black. Thus, everywhere where I've included the style or class tag, the cell is black and doesn't show a repeat, or even the image itself for that matter.

I've tried many other ways of approaching the situation in the hopes that I'd be able to sort it out, but have had no luck what so eva!

Could anyone provide some advice? Maybe it's just the version of Netscape that I am using?