I am actually considering offshoring some of my web development work to India. I am going to start off with some basic web design needs first.

I've done a considerable amount of research and have talked to colleagues who have tried this and they rave about it. But only if you do it right.

When I started looking for quality web designers overseass, I made note of some of the obstacles that I would run into. They are as follows

  • english language barrier- easily accounted for when you converse over email because you can see how well they communicate via email. I will then follow up via phone to see how well they communicate via phone.
  • time zone difference- from here in the east coast of U.S, it's roughly a 10 hour time difference. So, 10 am here, is 8pm over there. This can be tough sometimes, especially when the client needs questions answered. I communicated this upfront to my future web designers that they may need to stay up a little to answer any questions that the client may have.
  • prior experience working with other non-Indian Web Design Companies.- it really helps to know that the applicant has worked with other web design that are outside of their country. In doing so, they understand the protocol and what is to be expected.
These 3 critiria are the toughest and obviously very important.

I think it's important to note that you will always have hitches when considering offshoring work, but setting expecations about the above can go a long way to minimizing the headaches you might have in the future.

I welcome any thoughts from those who have offshored successfully or even unsuccessfully.