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    adding and styling mutiple submit buttons

    Hy There,

    I'm creating a form which alows users to select dates from a calendar. I want every date that is clicked added into a database. So I need to use POST arguments. What is the best way to do this?

    I've got 31 submit buttons at max. Currently I'm using GET arguments in a link like: href='?page=admin_date&month=$month&year=$year&day=$day&action=add'

    this sends you to a page that checks if you really want to add this date. I want to remove that step. The good thing about this is that the 'button' is just plain text (the day number) and I can easily style it (already added dates and the current day) How do I do that if I want to use form buttons like <input type='submit'> or <button type='submit'>

    I can pass the variables $year and $month along with two hidden inputs, but how does a form work if I've got the variable $day 31 times with a different value each instance?

    I couldn't make much sense out of the w3c documents and have no clue how to style it like it was a regular link.
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    input {
      border: 0 none;
      background-color: transparent;
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