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Thread: Web Design Blog

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    Web Design Blog

    Hi there,
    I am working on a blog to compliment my web design company (In my sig).
    I would like as critical a feedback as possible.

    The site I would like reviewed is here:

    I would like to steal dans idea and ask you to review the following:

    Do you like the overall design?
    - something you hate, from design aspect
    - something you like, again from design aspect
    - when you first viewed the page what caught your eye
    - do you like the colour scheme
    - does the website remind you of anything? if so what what that be
    - do you see yourself ever re-visiting this site?
    - any problem viewing the text
    - was it a fast or slow load
    - easy or hard to navigate

    What would you suggest to make this a better experience for my users?

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    It looks good to me. I honestly do not see anything that needs to be done.

    - I do not hate anything on the site.
    - I like the simplicity and clean style.
    - The header and the menu which is a good thing.
    - Yes, the color scheme is nice.
    - This design is somewhat common, so I have seen sites that look simliar.
    - I like to make my own websites.
    - No.
    - Fast.
    - Very easy.

    Well done.

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    I think the site is visually appealing, the colours go well and it is very easy to navigate.

    Perhaps one thing that could be changed though is the "headings", perhaps underline them and make them a 'brighter' colour so they stand out a little more.

    Other then that, well done and good luck!


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