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    Margins differs when serving as application/xhtml

    First of all I think I should excuse myself for my crappy english

    At work today I found a strange problem that at least I have never heard of before I think.

    I've made a site like any other but this timed I have served it as application/xhtml (I have also used the xml prolog) under the development time (don't ask me why). The site looks and works all the same in safari, firefox, camino and opera (I'm on Mac OS X).

    And then I downloaded Mac IE to try it there. Guess what the first message I get is that it doesn't understand what kind of document it is becuase I served it as application/xhtml. Well that wasn't any news to me since I know that Win IE crashes as well. So I removed it and replaced it with text/html (and removed the xml prolog to be sure), so then it works but some margins (note: not all) are a little strange. A picture or layer here and there is moved a few pixels to the right or something like that.

    I tested this in Safari also, and I tested to both use and not use the xml prolog so it has to do with what the document is served as.

    Maybe I'm just confused and tired since I haven't eaten anything yet today, but help me!

    It's not a problem since I can always use conditional commenting and such but it would be fun to know.

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    IE5/Mac doesn't support IE5+/Win's conditional comments.

    You could use a filter to show CSS to IE5/Mac only.
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