firstly all this started with my buying an untested processor of ebay. I put it into my pc and from then on all hell broke loose. Basically it didnt work, so I then tried to put the old processor back into the machine, and thats when i got this error message. I have searched google for many hours looking into solutions for this and I have tried them all practically (ones to do with the boot files).

At the same time as this, I am fixing my friends PC, and once I had fixed it, I placed my hard drive into his machine just to see what happened. It booted fine!

Since then I purcahsed a new motherboard and now I get exactly the same error so basically I have wasted my time (and money). I thought could it just be my proccessor that is faulty so I swapped over my friends into my machine (Both the same processor 1.3 Duron). This came up with exactly the same error :S. So Now I am stumped. Is there any other hardware problems that it is likely to be?