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    Help!! PHP WIN2000 install probs

    Help; I'm having trouble installing PHP on my Win2000 Prof machine. I managed to get the ISAPI version installed but when I click on a PHP file, it does not load. I can get phpinfo.php to load if i type http://localhost/phpinfo.php but if I press the refresh button I get a 404 response.

    Also I tried the GCI version and get exactly the same probs as above. My main concern is that I cannot juct click on a php file to load it so that I can check it out. Even if I go through the file/open from the file menu, only some of my php pages load.

    I also have the same problem with ASP files which is why I decided to go over to PHP. I just could not get any ASP files to load into my browser, windows ask's me if I want to save the file or open it. If I elect to open it windows opens my copy of dreamweaver.

    Could the problem with PHP files be associated with the ASP problems?

    Oh, I can only get phpinfo to load up from the address bar if phpinfo.php is in my root directory of IIS5.

    Do I have to save all my developement/experiments with PHP in the root directory? Also if I copy php files into the root directory, only some of them load.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Yes you have to have your php scripts in your web root, in order to view them and yes you have tyo call them through http://localhost, you CANNOT use File > Open. PHP needs a web server to parse the page.
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