Why is that when a new language comes out, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says it's the latest, greatest thing since sliced bread -- surely, Ruby - like PHP/.NET, Ruby is just a tool.

I know a lot of larger new media companies in the south use .NET or c# a lot, to be honest I was never really interested in it because I work with smaller businesses and use PHP/MySQL to the best of my abilities.

But somebody said that Ruby is even better than PHP or .NET because its more OO orientated and you can knock out websites faster, or something.

So what is Ruby? What is Ruby on Rails? Isn't PHP enough? What does Ruby need? Does it run on apache? Does it use MySQL database? is Ruby a programming language or a framework for php?

I'm a bit confused by the hype over Ruby - so if someone can explain it, that'd be great.