the page is at the following url
This is to put a spec book online (don't ask me why not just do an entire thing in pdf - this is the only way my boss wants it to be).
The idea is like this:
There will be a "toc" page listing all the chapters in a book. Once the chapter is clicked, the user comes to a page like the one linked above. With the link there will be 2 things sent: the number of "pages" for that particular chapter(18 in the example) and the name of the dir where all of those "pages" are located (img in this example). Each "page" is an image and has the same number as the real page in the book.
I figured that I don't want to create a separate page for each chapter, but rather generate the pages dynamically (since the idea behind them is exactly the same - the only difference is the number of "images/"pages"). That's why I send those 2 pieces of data.
I extract these 2 things from the url and then write dynamically to the page depending on how many images are there and where they are located. You can see it in my source code.
The problem that I have is NS4.7 writes the layers with numbers, but doesn't position them by the style="...". It writes them all under the image and each number on the next line.
Also, I initiate the ini_color() function onLoad to change number "1" to red as that is the "page" you are currently at. NS doesn't do it either (that function is in the .js file.
I haven't even tested it in NS6, so have no idea how the page will behave, but am trying to solve it step by step.
Any help is realy appreciated as I am out of ideas.