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I agree with 90% of your actual arguments, but I think your rhetoric (as in "crying like babies") is completely off. You're the most vitriolic IMHO.

You fail to mention who you're talking about, but to the extent you're referring to me, let me just say that you're arguing against a straw man. You seem to do that a lot. In the other thread, you were coming out of that mode, but now you're back.
Talk about rhetoric... Why would you think I was talking about you? Does the shoe fit? Yes, I'm back to defend what's right. ...and if you read my post and follow internals you would know exactly who I am talking about -- someone who started a rant on the dev list and proceeded the rant with the literal exclamation that they were starting a rant. I'm not being rhetorical, I'm being factual.

..but, Dagfinn, lets not make this personal, okay?