Hi all,

I just stopped by John Lim's site and was pretty shocked really by the comments made by Derick on the ongoing issue of BC-breaking reference handling (great site, btw):


I mean, what hope does PHP have for the future when you have comments like that from internal developers? What is happening to the PHP we know and love? I completely agree with what John was saying on his site, all this leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth about the direction PHP is heading, not so much the language itself, but how they are handling such critical issues that affect many, many developers, particularly the "serious" developers that you find in here.

I am finding now that I am beginning to question whether or not I want to commit myself to sticking with PHP (in particular, PHP5). Perhaps this will all blow over, but like many of you, I now have legacy PHP4 code in place that *breaks* under PHP 4.4.0 and above due to the reference handling changes (yes, it breaks for some reason, so disabling errors is not going to help). Like many of you, I used references heavily for "serious" OO, i.e. to avoid passing copies of objects around. Now, I get *hundreds* of notice errors logged per page refresh, plus the code breaks.

I don't know, I just can't help but feel that all of this could have been handled a LOT better by the powers-at-be over at PHP. I don't *want* to give up on PHP, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty with some serious OO coding in PHP5 (only really been dabbling so far). But as lastcraft and others have been saying, what if something else like this happens in the future (i.e. a critical change to PHP internals)?

Your opinions?