I'm not sure which forum area this belongs to as I don't know if the problem is with the client or server scripting, or with the html for that matter.

I am running a script to open a window with an asp page.
The call to the script works but the new window presents an error message something to the effect of " HTTP 500 internal server error, problems displaying the page requested"

In fact, when I run this script on my own computer with a local server, it works fine. I tried looking at the "instituion_details.asp" pages for problems but couldn't find any.

The site is hosted for free at brinkster.com. So far, everything I've run off my own server has worked over there.

I'm going to keep on trying.
But in the meantime, any suggestions?

Should I post to the forum the code for the page that supposedly has problems?


function openDetailsWindow(id)
var win1
var url="Institution_details.asp?institution="+id
win1=window.open(url, null, "toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, width=630, height=525, top=0, left=40");

The function is called within the body like this