Hi there

Can anyone point me to a similiar piece of code used to, open/close/move the boxes on the right hand side of the page, found at:

I can create a div that's moveable - which is tha bare bones -to create the open/close box effect, would I just add an:
style="display: none" in a tr, put the stuff I want to display in the tr (in a table probably), and then write a js function to show/hide the tr when clicked etc.

1. how do you create the changing image effect when the box is opened/closed (i.e as in msdn)

2. how do you control x,y movement??

Anyway - go wild if you are keen to explore - I'm looking at this type of functionality to add interactivity, but also make navigation more "cool" and a bit of a preference for the browser rather than a set of left and top menu links....

Thanks in advance to any replies ;-)