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Thread: CMS Design?

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    Content Management System Design?


    I need some advice here guys, as a php Novice (hey, I'm learning! )

    I run the hardware and software review site PC Review , and its time for a major re-design! We had a simple php CMS, basically to add multi-page articles and control news posting. I'm looking to get a brand spanking-new design/CMS - and I need advice!

    I've checked out phpNuke, and that looks great - if customised as much as The Bix ... but, I don't like the included forums much, or the non-multipage articles

    Is it worth using phpNuke, and adding VBulletin... creating my own CMS (erm... may take a while)... or getting someone to design it for me? I am quite capable at designing, and have copious amounts of ideas - I just can't channel it into action!

    If anyone here is willing to take on this sort of task, can you ICQ me (22201765) or e-mail me, and I'll explain more - as well as some cool stuff I can offer you (being a hardware site has its upside )

    Any advice you have would be cool too

    Thanks, Ian

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