Howdy all,

I'm a relative newcomer to SitePoint, but I've been working with PHP in some capacity for over half a decade now. The most recent discussions on patterns and the new object model in PHP 5 lend themselves greatly to libraries and classes being stitched together to make application development that much smoother. The problem has always been that once you rely on one library or classes API, you've coupled yourself to that class or a specific implementation. With pseudo-interfaces in PHP 4, and the real thing in PHP 5, there's no need for this.

My proposal is for the Open Standards & Interface Repository (will be housed at if this takes off and people want to do it). The idea will be to create a repository of standard "libraries" such as phpCR which define an behavior of set of interfaces as well as standard interfaces for various patterns. With this, applications that then begin to rely on a Registry interface and know that whatever class they download that implements Registry will work the way they are intending it to be used.

My thought would be that all interface proposals would start out as PHP, as they progressed and became stable they would move to PECL as part of an OpenSIR extension, with the possibility that a select group of stable ones could become part of the the regular PHP distribution.

Of course, I would be willing to submit phpCR as the first "library" for review. It's already in 0.2 status as a direct port from the Java Content Repository but has areas that could probably be improved for PHP specific implementations. Also, I would be happy to put together a list of interfaces for basic patterns that could be discussed.

We would need some sort of distribution channel (a pear channel possibly?). I would need some help mirroring an effort like this. For the website, does anyone have any recommendations for software? Something more user friendly than the PEAR/PECL sites would be preferable, but a straight wiki would be hard to manage (unless someone wants to volunteer). Also, are there any designers out there that would like to lend a hand? We'd need a logo and design.

Well, before I go on too much more... Does anyone have any thoughts? I've seen several comments about people wanting a standard approach to development in PHP using a framework of some sort or another. Personally, I think we would be better off as a community to come up with standard interfaces and see what implementations come out of them. If we can agree on the API, then switching between the various implementations will be easy as they'll all be hot-swappable. Then you can really try them all out if you want before you figure out which one works for you.

Quick note on the name: I thought about doing something with PHP in the name, but decided against it. One obvious thing is the PHP's group request that projects outside of PHP not use the name. Additionally, while right now I would see the focus on PHP, I don't see anything stopping contributors at a future time from wanting to expand to include other languages as well. Common APIs across languages wouldn't be a bad idea at all and by going with OpenSIR, we keep that possibility available.