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    Question Smarty syntax help

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a syntax problem with Smarty's {section} function.

    I have an array being passed to smarty (it's actually a QuickForm date element with three sub-elements, d M & Y) and would like to loop on that according to a set number:

    The entire form is assigned to 'form_data' smarty variable.

    <span>{$form_data.eventdates.label}<br />
    This outputs the date element as:

    <select name="eventdates[d]">
    <!-- options here //-->
    <select name="eventdates[M]">
    <!-- options here //-->
    <select name="eventdates[Y]">
    <!-- options here //-->
    I need to duplicate this as many times as is needed according to the {$num_dates} variable.

    If I do it with the html renderer I get (pseudo-code):
    Can anyone help me get the same result with Smarty? I just can't seem to get it working

    I've got a rough example up on of the form using the default renderer. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance;
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