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    Learning OOP in PHP: will other resources help?

    Hi all ;-)

    after writing PHP for a while now but only using procedural methods, i have recently decided to pick up learning PHP 5's OOP capabilities, using the book 'Objects, Patterns, Practice' by Matt Zandstra (excellent book) , however i just wanted to know whether it would be worth also looking into another language very strong in OO ... i was thinking along the lines of maybe Java, C++, or even Ruby?

    do you think learning another OO language side-by-side to learning PHP OOP would help?
    of course, i would imagine that any extra language you learn is a good thing for personal development, but i wondered whether learning 2 languages together would help or hinder me to learn either.

    if so ... which language would you recommend i learn?

    thanks in advance,

    side note: i forgot to add initially, PHP is my first 'language' as such, as i started out in design (XHTML, CSS) then branched out to PHP .. so i am by no means that familiar with OOP besides what i have learnt so far from Matt's book.

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    No, i think you need to get to grips with the concepts of object orientation before you start looking at how other languages do it. the oo features in PHP 4 differ greatly to PHP 5 so i would start with OO in php 4 as it is pretty straight forward. But like i said understand the concept before looking at other languages, otherwise you'll just end up confused... (yes i'm speaking from experience)
    There are some tutorials on my site... and i don't use the car, dog animals examples have a read see if they help at all... i wrote them when i was fairly new to coding...


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