Hello, I've got a problem with this php-script: I want to make a page where all my cartoon will be viewed ('cartoons.php') . So I fouond this script but it dopesn't work...

--- This is the part that I placed in 'cartoons.php' ---


$folder = "/targets/cartoons/cartoons/mensen";

$alt = "Cartoon";

echo"<img alt=\"".$alt." src=\"".$folder."/".$cartoon.">";

echo"<b>[ Oeps....., er is een foutje opgetreden. Gelieve de webmaster te contacteren ]</b>";


--- End ---

...and that's my hyperlink on the other page to 'cartoons.php': "../cartoons.php?cartoon=armhaak.jpg"

--> I don't know what's the problem here. Can anyone help me?

Thanx in advance.