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    My community

    Hi there.

    Thanks Wayne for providing this great service!

    I am finally plucking up the courage to submit my own community site for review.

    It can be found here:

    I encourage you to enter through the main site at

    The site contains satirical/humorous articles that are of interest to high school and university/college students.

    The forums are for user submitted jokes, as well as a general discussion area.

    Some things to consider:

    - I wish to target this site to young people, probably students aged 12 to 26

    - I am getting 96 unique visitors per day, 16758 page hits per month.

    - I recently started an email newsletter. I would appreciate comments on the newsletter signup forms on my main site. Forum members are signed up by default and can opt-out at any time.

    - Registration is currently not required for posting.
    People have said to me that when a bulletin board is new, to encourage people to post it is beneficial to allow posting without registration.
    Registration is required for one of my forums only, and for colour schemes.

    - Compared to the rest of my site, the forums are more cluttered. They are also more colourful. Do you think this is likely to turn people off?

    - I have recently implemented search engine friendly URLs on all of my forums and posts, and on the articles on my main site.

    - I have programmed my own "email this page to a friend" features into the site. The links appear on every topic in the forums, and every article on my main site.

    I'd appreciate advice on:

    Low cost methods of promotion for my site.

    Obtaining new subscribers and forum members.

    Improving response to my forums. My stats tell me that a lot of my visitors are going in to read the jokes, and so I have placed links to some of the best jokes on the front page of the forums. However, the response rate is low.

    Thankyou very much.
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