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    Javascript Mouseover help

    Hi. I am using an external .js file to control the mouseovers on the page. And before anyone says anything, I think yes, I did borrow it from Sitepoint!

    Anyway, this is the code for the .js file:

    PHP Code:

    //makes sidebar titles popup
    function onLoad()
    browserName navigator.appName;
    browserVer parseInt(navigator.appVersion);

    userAgent navigator.userAgent;
    start userAgent.indexOf("(");
    end userAgent.indexOf(";");
    platformuserAgent.substring(start +1,end);

            if (
    browserName == "Netscape" && browserVer >= 3version "n3";
    version "n2";
            if (
    browserName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && browserVer >= 4version "n3";

            if ((
    version == "n3"))
    toc1on = new Image();
    toc1on.src ="images/buttons/company_button_intruder_on.gif";
    toc2on = new Image();
    toc2on.src ="images/buttons/company_button_fire_on.gif";
    toc3on = new Image();
    toc3on.src ="images/buttons/company_button_locks_on.gif";
    toc4on = new Image();
    toc4on.src ="images/buttons/company_button_resource_on.gif";
    tocpon = new Image();
    tocpon.src ="images/buttons/company_button_profile_on.gif";
    tocmon = new Image();
    tocmon.src ="images/buttons/company_button_mission_on.gif";
    toccon = new Image();
    toccon.src ="images/buttons/company_button_contact_on.gif";            

    toc1off = new Image();
    toc1off.src "images/buttons/company_button_intruder_off.gif";
    toc2off = new Image();
    toc2off.src "images/buttons/company_button_fire_off.gif";
    toc3off = new Image();
    toc3off.src ="images/buttons/company_button_locks_off.gif";
    toc4off = new Image();
    toc4off.src ="images/buttons/company_button_resource_off.gif";
    tocpoff = new Image();
    tocpoff.src "images/buttons/company_button_profile_off.gif";
    tocmoff = new Image();
    tocmoff.src "images/buttons/company_button_mission_off.gif";
    toccoff = new Image();
    toccoff.src ="images/buttons/company_button_contact_off.gif";



    img_act(imgName) {

            if ((
    version == "n3" ||  version == "n4"  )) {

    imgOn = eval(imgName "on.src");
    document [imgName].src imgOn;




    img_inact(imgName) {
            if ((
    version == "n3"  ||  version == "n4" )) {
    imgOff = eval(imgName "off.src");
    document [imgName].src imgOff;



    and then using this to call it:

    PHP Code:
    <a href="mission_statement.html" TARGET="bodytext" onMouseOver="img_act('tocm'); return true" onMouseOut="img_inact('tocm')  ; return true"><IMG SRC="images/buttons/company_button_mission_off.gif" ALT="AGS Mission Statement" border="0" name="tocm"></A
    Anyway. I would like to know if there is anyway to modify this code, so that when one of the buttons is actually clicked (rather than mouseover'd), the on state remains, until another button is clicked.

    The problem is that these buttons are in one frame, which is then changing the contents of another frame. Then selecting an option from that frame changes the contents of the main frame.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    You could use onClick() to set a variable which onMouseOut() would check for.


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