We offer each member the ability to add a 4 line signature to their posts. This is considered a standard among bulletin board systems, usenet and web based forums such as this.

In order to give you more freedom we allow the use of smilies and BB Code to enhance your signatures.

However some people have stretched their signatures to 5, 6, 7, or more lines of text. For simplicity sakes, a line will be defined as a string of text followed by a hard break. The length of each line can be such that it doesn't wrap on a 800 pixel width monitor.

Previously we have asked individuals to edit their signatures appropriately. And routinely these requests have been denied. As such the system has been changed to only allow 4 line signatures. This is checked in 2 locations.

The first time it is checked is when you create your signature. The second time it is checked is when the signature is displayed.

At any time if your signature is over 4 lines in the showthread routine you will now see the following message:
Invalid Signature Removed by System
Please edit your profile to fix

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.