I have been looking through the forum for a discussion on MS's decision to drop the JVM from Windows XP. If I've missed it, please point me to it. Otherwise I have a couple of questions and announcements.

There is a petition at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/mjava/
There is an E-Week article at http://www.zdnet.com/eweek/stories/g...795569,00.html

From this article I gather that the Java Virtual Machine will be dropped from XP. Additionally, testing has shown that the MSIE does not recognize the JVM after and upgrade from Win9x, ME, NT, & 2000 to XP.

Does anyone know if this takes out the JavaScript abilities too? I have not seen anything addressing the JScript issue directly. My assumption is that JScript will go and JavaScript support will only exist if a user downloads the JVM from Sun and installs it.

As far as I know the Sun download is a manual download and install. If there were an automatic download and install something like Flash/Shockwave then I would see this as a minor problem. The problem of a manual download/install could make Java/JavaScript an unacceptable choice for web scripting. Plus, sites such as this one will have to be re-written to use something other than JavaScript. I have a number of sites that will need to be redesigned to remove the need for JavaScript. My clients will not be pleased.

Sign the petition listed above. I don't know that it will help but we can get a sense of the concern regarding the problem.

I am once again considering placing popupís on web sites that I design (with client permission) that warn of the XP/MSIE 6 problems. If there is enough support among web designers, I think this could force MS to change their minds.