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I started all those years ago, right here on Sitepoint by reading Kev Yank's "Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL" tutorial.

The series has been kept up to date and is now in it's third revision. It's a great starting point, walking you through the steps for setting up a simple CMS. For me this worked great as a starting point because it allowed me to see the code come to life, walking me through the steps needed to actually make something that works rather than just reading reams of code about the more complex aspects of PHP that might scare a beginner off.

This series helped get me bit by the PHP bug and I'd reccommend it highly. The url is http://www.sitepoint.com/article/php-mysql-tutorial
Hi mmmmike,
as you and others have recommended Kevin Yank's book *Build your own database driven ...* I would like to ask you and them: Does the JOKES-Database work perfectly on your machines (servers). I have installed Apache 1.3 and copied the scripts supplied by Kevin into to root doc folder, but they do not work properly. I can insert jokes, edit or delete them, but I cannot select the jokes on the basis of the given parameters like *author* or *category*.
The book is fantastic, granted - but I would like to use / adjust this database for my own purposes -- once it works as it should.
Any comment or help would be greatly appreciated.