I'm told that HierMenus is one of the most compatible freely available menu scripts available. If you know of a better script, please let me know. Hiermenus isn't user-friendly in the least, but I've made some headway in implementing it with my site as is seen by the following page:

This is a question about a specific issue that I'm having implementing HierMenus 4.13. It's not a bug, it's just something that I don't know how to do.

However, I'm having the following issue:
1. How do I individually adjust the width of the "cells"? I am only using images for my menus. The images are all different widths. However, as can clearly be seen at the page, the menus are not adjusting to the width of the images. With short images, there is much empty space to the right of them. Long images are being cut off. I want each image to be immediately next to the last so that there is no gap in between.

In sum:
- I have put the code for Hiermenus on my page
- I want my menus to be entirely made out of Images
- I do not want any gaps between each image
- Currently, the menu script is cutting off longer images and leaving too much space for shorter images (See URL above)

- I assume that I either have to explicitly specify the lengths that want somewhere or else turn on an option somewhere which would allow the menus to autosize to their contents.

Thanks. If my descriptions aren't clear, I'll try to expand upon them.

- Joshua Prowse
Rideau High School Student