I have the following code which loads a target URL into the current window --

<form name="weeklyoptionsform">
<select name="weeklyoptions" size="1" onchange="goMonthlyOptions();">
<option selected>Choose...
<option value="ahuntsiccartiervilledirect/weekly/index.html">Ahuntsic Cartierville Direct
<option value="aireporter/weekly/index.html">A. I. Reporter

And the function being called is --

function goMonthlyOptions(){
if (document.monthlyoptionsform.monthlyoptions.options[document.monthlyoptionsform.monthlyoptions.selectedIndex].value!=''){ document.location.href=document.monthlyoptionsform.monthlyoptions.options[document.monthlyoptionsform.monthlyoptions.selectedIndex].value

My problem is this;
If I put the above into a frame named "header" and I want the resulting target URL to appear in a frame named "stats", how can I do it? I've tried, oh my how I've tried, but I'm just overlooking something and now just blanking out. Thanks all for any help.