Hi all, ok I have a Windows Network setup, a Win2K DCHP server and 3 Win2K clients machines.

Now, I've got a redhat system up an running called 'RedHat' (network name). I **** the linux box (redhat) to appear in its own workgroup called 'Linux'

Samba is running, i think.. not too sure

SO far I've Via windows I can see the new workgroup linux and a box called Redhat (did this via editting smb.conf file)

However I cannot open anything or do anything. I mainly want to setup this box so I can use it as a web development platform (apache, postgreSQl, php, ftp etc)...

Can you guys help me out, what do i need to edit, run or setup.. im very knoledgable in networking but alas, im a linux newbie

Im running Redhat 7.0 (build Guiness i think)

Please help, thanks!