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    Starting a new website.

    Hello, My name is Stephanie. I am starting a new website and I am pretty new to this. I NEED HELP!! I need to know how to promote my website and get it out there. My husband is a Web Developer so he has already started my website and I have the domain name. He just has to get it up there now. He has givin me the job of trying to promote the site. I need to know what steps to take next. If anyone could give me some suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much, Steph

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    It would help us if we knew what kind of site you are going to run, what kind of business you're in and who you are targeting with the site.

    For the basics, there are several ways to get your website promoted.
    --Search Engines are excellent: expensive
    --Word of Mouth: free (talk up your site to anyone that will listen!)
    --Online Communities: free (create connections and traffic with communities like SitePoint)
    --Business Cards, Letter Heads, Flyers, Brochures, anything that is going out to customers (current or potential) put your website address on.
    --Offline Promotions:
    -Advertise in local publications, or in ones that apply to your site.
    -Put magnets on your car with your website address on them.
    -Drop your business cards everywhere.


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    Get listed in and yahoo
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    coupla' suggestions:

    Read (and keep readin') SitePoint's section on promotion
    Perform a search in these forums on the key word(s) web site promotion, promotion, etc. (you'll find TONS of previous threads worht their weight in gold)
    Go to the library and get a few good books in marketing (IMHO the old methods work - the stock market is showing us that)
    Finally, make a marketing plan - what you're going to do, how you're going to do it and when you're going to measure the results and start the process again...

    Best of luck and success
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    Rent A Cop Dan
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    I have had the most luck with the following methods:

    -Post at forums and include the site in your signature with a brief description. If people see you all around the board making meaningful posts they will be interested in what you do.

    -Add it to all of your communication methods. ie. letterhead, business cards, email signatures, and such. Any letter I send, be it personal or business related I enclose a business card with the site name and my contact information.

    -If you are a smaller site with unique items offered I would recommend trying to set up a banner exchange with a company that sells products they compliment yours but do not overlap. Unfortunetly you have to find such a site and try to show them what is in it for them.

    I haven't had good luck with search engines, they send traffic but are expensive to make it worth the time and effort.

    That is just my humble opinion.

    Dan Williams

    -didn't he say something about using a creative signature to promote your site...

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    Hello Stephanie,

    I would like to agree with mfarmerhi's suggestion of reading sitepoint.

    I have read just about every article on the promote/profit sections of and they have proven very valuable. The editorial policy of sitepoint is honest, too. SitePoint will not try to recommend anything unless they believe in it.

    A handy trick of webmasters is to get friends and aquaintances excited about the site. Once you have some other people who feel strongly about your site, you can more effectively spread the word, and you can use their enthusiasm to your benefit.

    It is hard to know how well certain strategies would work for you, without knowing the subject matter of your site.

    The top visitors to my site are referred from (in this order):

    - word of mouth:
    The effectiveness of this is hard to measure, but it is good quality traffic.

    - sitepointforums and other forums I participate in:
    People see my signature in these forums and are curious. Usually this traffic is not very targeted to my site.

    - google
    - yahoo
    - altavista

    I think that google is a very good provider of hits.

    DMOZ is a silent achiever. It can be very beneficial to submit to dmoz, in my limited experience. Many of my hits from google and some other engines, I believe, are due to my dmoz entry.

    Good luck with your site.
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