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    Post Press Release Service

    I've recently being toying with the idea of starting a press release service. I'm doing decent enough research, but hey, it does not read peoples mind. So here's my go at knowing certain things:

    How often do you READ press releases. As in you visit a site that deals with press releases only and you simply go there to browse the news?

    If you do READ press releases, what makes you do that? Is it because someone sends you the link or because the editor is good and keeps only those releases which are useful?

    What according to you is the power of press releases in the current web scenerio. Getting real, I made a few press releases when I started a blog site (link in sig) but not more than 5 people in all came from those releases.

    Ok, what do you think is the problem with the current press release system? As in, that way I can orient myself to eradicate those problems.

    Lastly, would you make press releases on my site once its up. . If yes, why and if no, why again.

    Eagerly waiting for responses. Thanks in advance...

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    Red face

    I am concerned about the NEW DUPLICATE CONTENT FIULTER in google. What do you think about this?


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