bought an iSight today at the apple store (someone had just returned it so they dropped the price 50% to $70) but now i'm having a hard time trying it out. i could easily connect my powerbook to an iBook on my network, but i cant seem to get it to work with anyone else. i'm doing the one-way video chat (because no one i know has video) but no one can see me. i think it has something to do with firewalls

anyway, i'm looking for:
a) people with a mac and iSight to try out the video conferencing
b) people with a pc and a webcam to see if it can work with pc's

so if you're interested in helping me try this out (only take a minute) pm me your aim/ichat screen name. i might not get a chance to try it out till tomorrow, so don't sit around waiting for my message