Hi there...I am trying to get just a simple site template setup, but can't seem to get the layers and buttons to align properly. I have posted a couple times to try and figure out how to do this, but apparently I am just braindead.
Essentially what I am trying to do is have the banner image (should it be in a layer?) at the top, and then have the image (in a layer which is:visible) without the buttons right underneath it, looking like it is part of the banner, with a similar image on top of it that is invisible until someone moves the mouse over the image without the buttons...I hope I have made sense. I have two other posts about each separate part (that I obviously didn't follow properly!) which are within a page of this one on the ASP... forum. Also, it looks different in Netscape than it does in IE, but I don't know why it does....any help would be fantastic!