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    hoq to freeze refreshing.

    I'd not seen this before but how can i freeze a page that refreshs every 15 seconds? by clicking a link ... and then unfreezing it by clicking another link.

    <small><a name=freeze><A HREF="#freeze">[Freeze]</a> <a href="messages.htm">[Resume]</a></small>

    is it just that? or is there some other code required?

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    I have never heard of being able to do this with HTML, but for starters, you have some syntax problems.... The <a name=freeze> needs quotes around the value (i.e. <a name="freeze">) as well as a closing tag (i.e. </a>). As for the 15 seconds, there is definitely more coding required seeing as no where in the code you posted does it specify any chronological denotation. (Whew -- big words!) I'll try to find out more information for you, but sit tight, I'm sure before I can find the appropriate information some on else will have answered. =)
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