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    Your review: WWWThreads

    3. WWWThreads ( - Available in both PERL and PHP versions, this software can be installed anywhere. It uses MySQL to store its data which results in a fast system. The big plus about this system is that the topics can be viewed in a flat style similar to UBB or vBulletin or in a threaded style similer to WWWBoard (the grandaddy of webbased BBSes). WWWThreads also offers skins or themese that you can apply to your board to get up and running fast. This along with other add-ons gives you a complete community building toolkit. The system seemed a little slower under heavier loads to me but overall it is a good performer. My Personal Rank is 4 out of 5 Stars.

    What is your view on WWWThreads?
    Wayne Luke

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    it look me along time to do that...
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    goes a little something like this.
    i am one of the few who like wwwthreads for its simplicity. i have said and read about this before. a wwwthreads script runs okey out of the box. when you have added your own hacks and modified it, it becoms a great script. compared to vb, wwwthreads will run better on a heavy visited site. because of calls that vb makes when loading showthread. it calls up the homepage, signature and image. wwwthreads doesn't call these dynamiclly. but that can be a drawback in some peoples mind about wwwthreads. because your signature doesn't get updated on every post that you make it doesn't look right.
    if you are just learning php wwwthreads is a great script to hack. unlike vb, you know what is going on under the hood, by just reading the comments that scream has left (Scream is the owner and developer of wwwthreads).

    on that note Scream is a great reason for my decision of buying wwwthreads. his tech support is supurb and new versions of his product come out all the time. When a serious bug is found, a new version will be out soon. when a few bugs are fixed a new vesion will be out soon.

    wwwthreads doesn't offer templates, but i have found that now i am okey with that. i know how to change everything in there to my liking. have to get back to work.
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