I've just tried upgrading to 4.1, but have a problem with the new collation feature in 4.1.

I first tried to convert my old 3.23 db to utf8 during the installation procedure, but all the text and varchar columns had their lengths drastically shortened e.g. from 255 to 85, which caused a fatal loss of data.

Then I tried installing it using latin1, but all the tables ended up with a collation of latin1_swedish_ci instead of latin1_general_ci, which I would have thought would be the logical default. This still gives some problems when comparing my data and it will be a huge job to go through manually changing all columns to latin1_general_ci.

So, does anyone know of a way to make MySQL upgrade my old databases using latin1_general_ci instead of the swedish version? Also, if anyone knows of a way to convert to utf8 without the enormous loss of data, I would be very interested in that too.