Hi all, new user here and I'm finally posting because I need to this time. Before I just read through the forums and found the answers because you guys are the best.

Anyway, here is the issue. Im computer savy and still cant even phathom what in the world this is. Im getting the dreaded "Limited or No Connectivity" issue but its ONLY when i try to connect to my wireless router in my roomates room. I can connect to all the other routers I see just fine and when I plug my hard line into the cable modem im just sweet so its ONLY this one router I cant connect to. DHCP is enabled and working as that is how my roomate connects and there is no encryption enabled on it currently because were trying to figure this out.

The REALLY wierd part is that even when I go hard line into this modem I come up with the same error so I'm wondering if its just a hardware conflict or something.

Windows XP,
Asus A8n-Sli Premium
Amd 64 3200+

It a D-link wireless router, not sure what kind atm cause roomie is looked in room with his gf..

Not sure what other info could help. The NIC cards are all great as they have been tested on other machines already and work fine. So its ONLY my computer and ONLY with this one router. Im absolutely stumped.

(also have tried the k884020 patch or whatever the number is, winsock fix both the automated and manual, its not spyware, no viruses, and all settings are correct in terms of IP/DNS/Subnet mask and all that stuff.) I have read EVERYTHING else in SitePoint about the limited or no issue and none of it helps but then again NONE of it seems to apply to this problem since my internet is fine through different devices, just not my router...and again, the router is not bunk at all.

Im blown away, any help/advice would be appreciated

Thanks, Chris