This is a second informational mailing regarding NBC Internet, Inc.
You have received this e-mail because our records indicate that you
are a registered user of

NBCi is in the process of making certain changes to our portal
offering that may affect the way you use the site. We are making
these modifications in light of recent changes in the Internet
advertising and financial markets. The following questions and
answers will provide you with an update about upcoming changes.

A. As mentioned in the previous e-mail, make sure you have a backup
of all data stored on (such as your web site, shared
files, address books, and portfolio), as well as on and Such a backup should be stored on your hard drive, on
floppy disks or other web site hosting providers, but not on the
NBCi site. Instructions for copying and printing the contents of
your address book and portfolio are published at,566,-5687,00.html.

B. Uploads to member pages are no longer provided. Select an
alternative web site hosting provider and ensure that your files
are moved to the new provider before the end of the month. At the
end of July, we anticipate that you will no longer be able to view
member pages. NBCi has made arrangements with for web
page hosting and for file storage to help make the
transition a smooth one.

-For more information about for your web page hosting
needs, visit:
-For more information about for your file storage needs,

C. Beginning July 18th, content currently supplied by some providers
will be replaced with links that take you directly to the provider's
web site and some content will be taken down. These changes affect
several channels on the NBCi web site (e.g., Shopping, Travel, and
Health). Please note, however, that the quality NBC content you
expect, such as news from MSNBC as well as NBC TV highlights, will
continue to be available at And, as always, the url takes you directly to programming information about
the NBC Television Network.

D. Effective July 26th, the following services will no longer be
-Clubs (with the exception of NBC TV clubs)

How can you stay informed?

-The contents of this e-mail as well as answers to frequently asked
questions are located at:,566,-5605,00.html
-If you have specific questions about your e-mail account, contact (a separate company) directly using this form:

Note: If you use the NBCi site through one of our ISP distribution
partners, such as PacBell, Verizon or Prodigy, please contact your
ISP directly for additional information.

General Disclaimer

Please note that pursuant to our terms of service (which can be
accessed from, NBCi has the right to unilaterally stop
all service and functionality to our web sites; however, we
understand the importance of your information and desire to provide
you with sufficient notice to allow you to act accordingly. Nothing
contained in this mailing is intended to or shall supercede our
terms of service. You can view our full terms of service if you
have any questions at

For risks about NBCi's business, see its Form 10-K for the year
ended December 31, 2000, as well as its other SEC filings.