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    Want to mess with a telemarketer?

    There is this phone-spam company called Global Advantage that tries to get people to buy timeshares. They tell you you've won a lexus or a tahoe or two other prizes (like a TV). They say you entered a free car form at a mall or something (which is untrue). They have other requirements. In order to win you and your spouse must be atleast 25, and make 40k a year. Who ever heard of stupid requirements like that for a contest? Well they're likely requirements to own a timeshares. Anyways they trick people into coming to listen to a 90 minute presentation on timeshares and then give them a cheapo TV (a car? ya right).

    Its funny though because they do not have any of your personal information when they call you, they just make you think they do through cold reading etc.

    So you can call this number: 877-256-7894 and make up a name, and they'll say "Yup, we have your entry form right here."

    You can totally mess with these people. And you'll be taking a bite out of crime as they're breaking all sorts of federal regulations (including the donotcall list).
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    Thanks for that. I recently had a TERRIBLE esperience with timeshare sales people. It almost ruined our vacation in florida a couple of weeks back.

    This ought to be fun!


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