I am looking for a good stock photo CD to help me with my web designs.
The type of thing i am looking for are pics of satelites, keyboards, computer equipment, buisness people, laptops, fibre optic wires, etc.
The kind of thing that is used in corporate looking web sites.

I have been astounded by the large amount of photo stock discs available and i dont know which one to purchase.

I am looking for one specifically geared towards web design.
I really need a royalty free cd with as many photos on it as possible ( Not Corel! ).
I could also do with a cd with pre prepaired graphics, for example : icons, background effects, computer generated (not photos) pics of satelites, keyborads, computer equipment, telephones , laptops, etc.

Can anyone help with some suggestions ?
I really dont want to fork out for a Disc which doesn't contain the type of pics i want.

Please give suggestions, i am desperate , surely there must be an industry standard cd available for web designer's?