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Sorry to contradict you but that's definitely not correct. What are your references for this?
I was referring to "Domain objects" as they exist in a Domain Model, which is a "web of interconnected objects, where each object represents some meaningful individual". Note that this doesn't include anything to talk to the database.

As you point out, talking about "Model objects" is a bit ambigious (though I thought the mention of AR vs Domains made it clear enough what I was talking about). I was referring to a objects which exist in the Model layer in MVC, which includes objects which talk to the database. Calling them "ActiveRecord based Model objects" is closer to the mark, but it's a bit unwieldly for more than a paragraph.

The distinction I was trying to make, is that an "ActiveRecord based Model object" is responsible for talking to the database, but a "Domain object" never is. (The "ActiveRecord based Model object" could delegate database calls behind the scenes, but that's an implementation detail. The existance of "behind the scenes" is important in OOP )