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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Livingston
    Oh Dear...

    Well, you wouldn't have to edit anything, if you had a -BEEP- abstraction and an Interface to work with, would you?

    But of course... You don't have that luxury with procedural programming, do you? Tell me something, with all this editing of your files, exactly what are you doing? What are the possibilities huh?

    The possibilities of introducing new bugs... Alas, you are including a lot of 'module' files, so which file has the bug... A few hours later, after looking through God knows how many files, you may find the bug at some point during your working day.

    Sod that, that isn't software development

    I would think that it would make your life a damn sight harder and even more unbearable?
    No, it usually takes me about 2 seconds to find where the bug is because the error reporting tell me what line its on and I say "Oh its that file". It doesn't take forever, genius. It doesn't matter if you use OO or not, you still have to edit code, your class isn't going to fix itself if it has an error. OO is not flawless. My functions can be just as good as your classes.

    I'm not against OO and as I've said, I use it myself. I just don't like people who think its the only way of doing things.

    OO is one way of dealing with large codebases, functions is simply another way.
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