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    Java Script Question


    If you can spare sometime, would you please go to

    Look at the very bottom of the page, right under the two characters, you'll see 5 small faded squares. If you hover on one of the squares, the colour is changed to bright gold, and at the same time, you'll see a description for the destination of the link. e.g. Hover on the first square, it says << ------ Network Sites

    Does anyone know how to achieve this? I looked at her codes, but I couldn't figure it out very clearly..

    <script language="JavaScript">
    <!-- Hide from old browsers
    // Copyright 1999 Doug Popeney
    // Created by Doug Popeney (
    // JavaScript Made Easy!! -

    if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("2.") != -1){
    check = false;
    if ((navigator.appVersion.indexOf("3.") != -1) && (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") != -1)){
    check = false;
    else {
    check = true;

    image1= new Image();
    image1.src = "sites1.jpg";
    image1on = new Image();
    image1on.src = "sites2.jpg";
    image1alt = new Image();
    image1alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image1alton = new Image();
    image1alton.src = "sites3.gif";

    image2= new Image();
    image2.src = "bday1.jpg";
    image2on = new Image();
    image2on.src = "bday2.jpg";
    image2alt = new Image();
    image2alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image2alton = new Image();
    image2alton.src = "bday3.gif";

    image3= new Image();
    image3.src = "blog1.jpg";
    image3on = new Image();
    image3on.src = "blog2.jpg";
    image3alt = new Image();
    image3alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image3alton = new Image();
    image3alton.src = "blog3.gif";

    image4= new Image();
    image4.src = "special1.jpg";
    image4on = new Image();
    image4on.src = "special2.jpg";
    image4alt = new Image();
    image4alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image4alton = new Image();
    image4alton.src = "special3.gif";

    image5= new Image();
    image5.src = "site1.jpg";
    image5on = new Image();
    image5on.src = "site2.jpg";
    image5alt = new Image();
    image5alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image5alton = new Image();
    image5alton.src = "site3.gif";

    image6= new Image();
    image6.src = "book1.gif";
    image6on = new Image();
    image6on.src = "book2.gif";
    image6alt = new Image();
    image6alt.src = "altimg.gif";
    image6alton = new Image();
    image6alton.src = "book3.gif";

    function imageon(name) {
    document[name].src = eval(name + "on.src");
    document["altimg"].src = eval(name + "alton.src");
    function imageoff(name) {
    document[name].src = eval(name + ".src");
    document["altimg"].src = eval(name + "alt.src");
    NN3 = true;

    function on(name) {
    if (check == true){
    function off(name) {
    if (check == true){
    // -->


    Could any pros point out the right direction for me?


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    Sorry, I'm not at all a JavaScript pro, but what that site does might be explained here:

    Hope this helps somewhat, if at all.
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    all this site is doing is a basic javascript rollover. when you move your mouse over one of the boxes, the description line appears right under the boxes. this is done with the javascript that is on the page (function imageon and imageoff).

    if you keep you mouse on that box, the description that pops up can be changed with the alt tag (inside the <a href>).

    to change the description at the bottom of your browser window, just include this code inside your <a href>:

    onMouseOver="window.status='Change This Text'; return true" onMouseOut="window.status='Done'; return true"
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