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Thread: PC Problems..

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    PC Problems..

    Hello, im really hoping i can get some help asap.

    My pc has recently been coming up with errors, most noticeably something about the media file errors etc.

    I was wondering if there was a free website/programme out there where it will go through my pc looking for missing files/errors and then fix them?

    Or alternatively..

    I tried just wiping my pc but when trying to delete the paticipation thing it says there are files on there that are needed so i was wondering how i get round this but without just creating a new one which would take up more memory..

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    Firstly, I assume your operating system is Windows?

    I also assume you have a decent, up to date, anti-virus program?
    If not, install AVG Free Edition immediately, make sure you download the latest updates and do a full scan.

    Then I would install, update and run a full scan with Spybot S&D to make sure there are no nasty bits of spyware lurking about.

    Then uninstall and reinstall any applications to which the problematic file types were bound to. It sounds like you've simply lost some file type associations with applications. You can fix them without the reinstall of the software, but you're probably better knowing it's a clean install of the offending applications.

    Eg: if .mov files are giving you problems, uninstall and reinstall QuickTime (or whatever movie player you use to view .mov files).

    If that doesn't fix your problems something more fundamental is wrong. Try a Windows repair (at your peril!) or a clean install. You should be able to put your Windows CD in your computer and boot from it which will give you repair or reinstall options. Remember, if it comes to this, you could lose everything so back up anything you need!


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