I just visited Download.com and discovered the monstrosity that is its new design-- a monstrosity, I might add, that creates a huge horizontal scroll on my 800x600 screen! I want to strangle the people who thought it was a great idea to design for rezzes above 800x600! Thanks, Cnet! Thanks a lot!

And then of course, there is Gamespot. Hey, I know that many of its users are DSL people downloading gigs of demos and such, but this is a site for all kinds of gamers. Why is it that whenever I want to just read a blinking review for a PC game, I have to wait a buzillion hours for the page to download, because all of the graphics are so high in file size??? Why do the screenshots HAVE to be over 1.2MB and at over 1000 pixels?

Amazon.com is a Godsend, but I'm so sick of its lousy, lousy search function. You could type in "Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" and it will return the result of, "Sorry-- we were unable to find this," just because the author is listed as Jacob J. Schmidt or *Jacob Schmidt!* Sometimes you have to be 100% exact with a title--anything less than that, even if it is .0001% inaccurate-- or you won't get the results at all!

Sorry for the rants. It's just that these sites drive me crazy! If I didn't have to use them, it wouldn't be a big deal. But I use them on a continuous basis, so I feel like smashing my monitor whenever I surf them.

Just curious-- are there any "major" sites that drive you all crazy? I know it's fashionable to focus the spotlight on lesser known sites that have usability issues. But even the major sites have their problems. What about everyone else? C'mon, get it off your chest!!