Do you think that when someone becomes real good at his field (development , design or whatever) ; he automatically turns into an arrogant person? I've met countless people like that from different forums (this one included) , and i still can't find a reason for it.I mean if you're very good at something ; you probably suck so hard at something else.

And there's a worse kind of people ; those who pretend to be nice and helpful at the forums , and when you talk to them on instanst messaging ; you find that they're actually arrogant a******* from head to toe.

I don't know , but seems like those people think that EVERYONE should be real smart and should NEVER ask stupid questions , and they forget the fact that they knew NOTHING when they started out.

Just a word of advice for those who "knows too much" in their field ; remember that you're not perfect , and you have your own weak points. Those who you laugh at when they do your "thing" might laugh at you when you do theirs. There's no reason to be arrogant , really.