Im currently practicing my DB design skills as part of my career goals, so I have decided to build a database for my work. Iam ok with db design stages, concepts etc etc due to my Uni course and continued reading. But its one thing reading about conceptual design, and another creating a ERD and splitting M:n relationships.

I have been sitting here wracking(sp?) my brain trying to split this below issue down, so I went back a reviewed my DB aims, and found I dont need to store all the below information, so I have solved the problem by avoiding it,, however I still want to know the answer. So basically can anyone help???

Here is a basic statement regarding the entities and relationships:


Client has many accounts, and accounts can have one client (segregated) or many clients (omnibus). Each client can have many segragated parent accounts and each parent can have many child accounts

Each client can have many tax documents, but each document can only have one client. The document will cover the client for ALL accounts and accoutn types.


How could i display that in an ERD??

BTW I could make it harder if this wasnt just for US tax documents. Cos other countries have docs that cover specific accounts, or certain account types only. Some cover clients whereas others cover accounts phew